Escort a Prince in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

Head on over to Venus Island to take part in The Prince’s Escort festival!

Kasumi and Ayane are in the middle of a fight, so Momiji goes to the Boss for advice. As a way to mediate, the Boss asks Kasumi and Ayane to star in a play for White Day. What will come of the girls’ relationship as they play the roles of “prince” and ulasan film “princess”?

Collect Gold Prince Hearts to exchange for, among other things, SR costumes and Clover of Happiness!

The Trendy Gacha can get you the White Prince outfit for Ayane, Misaki, Monica, Lobelia, or Nanami!

We moved on to discuss Nathanial Brown, but the signal was cut off — there were sentry drones on their way to kill me! I closed the door to the office and blocked it with a crate, exposing a vent for me to climb inside, giving me access to the next room. While safely in the vent I switched my pistol ammo to EMP rounds, and upon exiting the vent I was almost immediately spotted. The long and short of it is that I wound up destroying the drones and exiting through the floor, as the elevator was covered in laser trip mines.

Going through the floor led me to the sewers. One more drone was around the corner, but I destroyed that too, moving into an inhabited section of the tunnels. I walked across some pipes to avoid wasting time climbing a ladder, and when I exited the populated area I spotted some more mines to my right. So, I went down the tunnel to my left with an electrified floor. Luckily, I had two reinforced wooden crates to stand on and used them to deactivate the breaker powering the floor.

Moving a crate I found a hole in the wall to crawl through, but as I did so I activated my vision augmentation which showed multiple hostiles and a camera. So, I decided to go the other way and found a large room filled with poisonous gas. Since I knew that I had the breathing augmentation already, I clambered over a pipe, jumped to a gantry, and climbed a ladder to the surface.