Deus Ex Diaries Part Sixty-Nine (Mankind Divided)

This is my ongoing exploration of the Deus Ex Universe, in release order. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. This time I continue Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Finally done with some side stuff, I was on my way to meet Janus of the Juggernaut Collective, to see what they had to say…

Going to the abandoned information booth and climbing through the window, I was confronted with a difficult door hack. After failing it twice I just used my combat rifle to blast the door open, because I was frustrated. Inside were some painkillers and software, as well as a ventilation shaft. I used it to gain entry to the elevator shaft, then dropped down.

While moving boxes and looking for goodies, I found a strange device attached to the wall. On closer inspection the bottom of the elevator had a couple of them, too. Suspecting that Janus had them set up to blow the shaft in case of emergency, I used some crates to create a barrier. After a couple of minutes I followed the sound of Janus’ voice as he’d been asking me to get a move on the whole time, and entered the city tour guide office.

The figure on the screen was constantly changing its appearance, and the voice coming over the speakers was distorted, all to protect Janus’ identity. Even though they knew who Bob Page was and what he had said in his conversation with Joseph Manderley, the evidence was obtained illegally so we couldn’t proceed through official channels. As for the Orchid that was mentioned, VersaLife had a vault in the Palisade bank, so perhaps I could dig up something there.